Vybz Kartel to enjoy 'conjugal visits' with baby-mother Shorty?

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vybz-kartel-and-shorty-larger.jpgIs life imitating art? Well it seems so. Conjugal Visit is the name of a collab single with jailed entertainer Vybz Kartel and the self-proclaimed Queen of the Stage, Spice.

The single was a hit and its message of prisoners being able to get some special love and affection was one which was fully embraced. There was even speculation at the time that Kartel was being given special conjugal visits with his spouse, Shorty, although this was never proven.

However, it now seems that Vybz Kartel will soon enjoy conjugal visits from Shorty.

National Security Minister, Robert Montague recently unveiled plans to allow prisoners to be allowed conjugal visits, which are private visits from inmates spouses, usually to engage in sexual activities.

The move Montague claims is a step forward to begin to humanize inmates, and will provide a platform to facilitate prisoners re-integration into society more seamlessly and reinforce stronger family bonds.