Straight man turn battyman cheerleader? Shebada asks Foota Hype

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shebada-photo-1.jpgSo the story is that Pamputtae got a microwave to give to social media sensation, Barbara di Barbee and didn't give it to her. Barbara, the social media comedian who jus get her good good buss out, took to Instagram to announce that she is no longer parring with Pamputtae. All because of the microwave issue. Now, some persons labelled Barbara ungrateful because they said that it was Pam who brought her to national attention an so she shoul be forever grateful. Of course, big foot Foota had a LOT to say, even calling Barbara's new manager a battyman.

Well, Shebada took him on. The case of the stolen microwave is the poem Shibby wrote. He wanted to know why Pamputtae felt the microwave was too good for Barbara an why straight man like Foota think say dem is batty inspector. "When straight man turn battyman cheerleader?" Shebada asks Foota Hype.