PM Holness, show us your cell phone bill

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andrew-holness-photo-5.jpgThe National Integrity Action (NIA) is urging Prime Minister Andrew Holness to open his cell phone bills to public scrutiny. Professor Trevor Munroe, Executive Director of the agency, said this is to ensure fairness and transparency.

Both the prime minister and national security minister have opted to use their private cell phones for government business.

In reaction to public outrage to the cell phone bill of Finance Minister Audley Shaw, the Mr. Holness on Tuesday directed that there be a cap on cellular phone expenses.

"Most of all, I would suggest that the prime minister, as head of the government, revisit and dust off Ministry Paper No. 19 of 2002, which sets out very clearly the code of conduct for ministers in Jamaica and ensure that the ministers re-familiarise themselves with the code of conduct, as well as (that) he enforces it without fear or favour when that code is being violated," he suggested.