Mello FM takes over Hot 102 FM

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The Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica has given approval for Cornwall Broadcasting Company Limited, owners and operators of Mello FM to take over management and control of Western Broadcasting Services Limited, which operates HOT 102 FM.

Al Robinson, Founder and CEO of MELLO FM, said that this synergy will make Cornwall Broadcasting the second largest radio group in Jamaica with a total of third radio stations.

"Radio is now the biggest reach medium -- and this synergy is another important validation of the value of radio," Robinson said in a statement announcing the move yesterday.

Western Broadcasting Services Ltd (HOT 102) is owned by Ken Williams.

The Broadcasting Commission stipulated that, with the new acquisition, Cornwall Broadcasting must provide coverage to 90 per cent of the island within six months.

According to the statement, state of the art digital broadcasting equipment is currently being installed for the launch, within a month, of the new Energy FM, and will be operated from Mello FM's Kingston offices.

The company's third radio station will be operated from Mello FM Headquarters in Montego Bay called RIDDIM 96FM, which the company said will be 100 per cent Reggae.