Joe now owns the Keys to the City of Montego Bay

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joe-key-to-the-city.jpgIf you thought that Alkaline has the keys to di city, you are wrong; it's actually Joe who has the official keys. and this is what he said at the handing-over: "Gee Mayor, it's a real honour and a real privilege to have this kind of responsibility in Montego Bay."

Reggae Sumfest's Josef Bogdanovich was honoured with the keys to the city of Montego Bay for his contribution to the development of the city through the annual Reggae festival.

The presentation was made by the Mayor of Montego Bay, Holmer Davis, on the closing night of Reggae Sumfest held at Catherine Hall.

During the handing over, Davis lauded Bogdanovich and the previous owners of the show for keeping the show and by extension the music alive for as long as they have.

"For your support to the economy of Montego Bay, it gives me great pleasure as the mayor of the city of Montego Bay, to present to you, the key to the city of Montego Bay and wish for you and the Sumfest production 25, more years of success in the entertainment business."

In response to the honour, Bogdanovich described the gesture as a real pleasure. "I can tell you we're gonna be here for another 25 years to support reggae and dancehall music to the world."