Jamaican prisoners to be allowed conjugal visits

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Reports are that Jamaican prisoners will soon be allowed conjugal visits.

National Security Minister, Robert Montague, made the disclosure Monday afternoon during an address at the Jamaica 55 Disapora Conference in downtown Kingston.

Montague said he believes that allowing inmates to have sexual relations with their partners will be beneficial. On the matter of prison reform, the national security minister indicated that the Government continues to introduce more initiatives to rehabilitate inmates.

He noted that the country has a recidivism rate of 47 per cent.

Montague also said prisoners have been reclassified to separate hardened criminals from low-level offenders. Additionally, Montague said more space is being created to reduce overcrowding and that more prisoners have been put to work.

He noted that two of the meals provided in prisons each day come from food produced by inmates.

The national security minister also informed that cell phone jammers have been restored at correctional facilities to reduce criminal activity.