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Is $400 Jamaican dollars really the maximum penalty for Patrick Powell's gun charge?

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x6-trial-patrick-powell-oct-24-photo-2.jpgPatrick Powell, who shot to notoriety in the infamous X6 trial, again made quite a few headlines when he begged the Parish Judge Vaughn Smith to "have mercy" in deciding on a gun matter related to the case in which he was found innocent.

However, interesting as that might be, what Yardflex finds intriguing is that RJR News reported last month that checks by them have revealed that that if convicted for the offence under the Firearms Act, Powell faces a maximum fine of J$400 or 12 months in prison!

Well, Powell was found guilty on Tuesday, July 11 and will be sentenced on August 9. We wait with bated breath the outcome of this. Will it be yet another travesty in our justice system which could fine Reputed Clansman leader Tesha Miller only one hundred Jamaican dollars after pleading guilty to one count of false declaration in April.

Miller's sentence was handed down by Parish Judge Sanchia Burrell after pleading guilty to one count of using a fictitious name. The reputed gangster was charged by the Immigration Investigation Unit last Tuesday following his deportation from Bahamas on April 4. He was charged following allegations that he left the island using fictitious names. However, the police have reported that there are other matters pending against Miller.

Reggae Sumfest 2018


Reggae Sumfest 2018