Gangsters flee from cops on Tower St leaving AK 47 rifle behind

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ak-47-recovered-by-police.jpgA set of gangsters from Downtown Kingston reportedly attacked a police team along Tower Street and later fled leaving behind an AK-47 assault rifle and a magazine with 20 live rounds on Monday.

The police reports are that at about 5:30 Monday afternoon officers were on patrol in the area when they were attacked by gunmen. The men reportedly opened fire at the police team, before fleeing on foot.The police emphasise that at no time was there an exchange of gun fire, as is being reported.

According to Christopher Brown, crime officer for the East Kingston Division, a team of police officers went in the area and they came under heavy gunfire from men hiding at a premises. The men who fired at the police later ran from the area when they were approached. A search was carried out at the premises and the AK-47 found.

Several roadways leading in and out of the area, where the incident occurred, were blocked off by the police up to late Monday. The law enforcement officials are still searching the area for the men.

Since the incident, several voice notes have been circulating, among social media users, warning persons to stay away from the area.