Friends of car dealer Richard Ramdial mourn his death

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richard-ramdial-photo-2.jpgSince news of the contract style murder of businessman, Richard Ramdial broke, colleagues and friends have taken to social media to issue tributes to the entrepreneur, who was involved in automobile and manufacturing, and had been exploring the production of by-products made from cannabis.

Former president of the Used Car Dealers' Association, Ian Lyn said he attended St George's College with Ramdial and remembered him as "humble and respectful".

"I'm in shock at the murder of Richard Ramdial in Jamaica, he was the coolest youth I knew at St Georges College even though he drove the most Mercedes Benz I have ever seen in high school," Lyn, who is now based overseas, wrote on Facebook.

"He always remained humble and respectful no matter what but nothing in life happens except by Allah (God) active or permissive will so we thank God for his life and pray for his family and friends RIP Ramdial!!!" Lyn added.

Ramdial's Facebook page was flooded by friends expressing sadness at his death.

"Too much violence... it happens every day ..when it happens to someone we know it really puts things into perspective," one friend said.

Another added, "Richard Ramdial, no!! Oh my God no!!"

There was also shock and anger over the brutal slaying.

"Still can not believe it. A hit in the middle of New Kingston," said a man in disbelief.

Another friend of Ramdial pleaded with the authorities to "catch these monsters!!"