Cops, brazen gunmen trade shots Downtown

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Reports are that brazen gunmen this afternoon forced the police into retaliatory mode as they challenged the lawmen on the streets of Downtown Kingston in areas including South Camp Road, near to the Ice Factory and Beeston Street.

Eyewitnesses told Yardflex that the gunmen were determined to show the police the strength of their firepower and the cops were equally determined to stop the gangsters in their tracks.

"Don't venture downtown," an eyewitness warned in a voice note, even as he lamented the total lack of law and order.

"I grow up in ghetto, but mi never see anything like this before," he said.

Checks with the police communications unit, CCU, revealed that there were reports of a joint police military operation on Monday and reports of a gunman being killed inside Coronation market, after he had fired upon persons in the market.