Businessman gunned down in suspected hit on Ruthven Road had licensed firearm

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richard-ramdial-photo-1.jpgThe driver of a Mercedes Benz sports utility vehicle who was killed Monday when his high-end vehicle was shot up by armed men along the busy Ruthven Road in St Andrew had a licensed firearm, which was not taken. Police suspect that businessman Richard Ramdial was the victim of a contract killing and are following several leads into the brazen murder which has sent shockwaves across the Corporate Area.

Ramdial was gunned down on Tuesday evening while he was in his Mercedes Benz sport utility vehicle in rush hour traffic along Ruthven Road in St Andrew.


Reports are that at around 4:30 pm, a gunman disembarked a motorcycle and pumped more than 12 bullets into the driver's side of Ramdial's left-hand-drive vehicle. Other reports say that two men in a Camry which was parked up on the side of the road pounced on an unsuspecting Ramdial and fired nearly 16 bullets in his luxury vehicle.

Ramdial, who suffered multiple gunshot wounds, was rushed to the University Hospital of the West Indies where he was pronounced dead. The incident caused a traffic gridlock in New Kingston and surrounding areas.