Mo Bay gang leader murdered after leaving court

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crime-scene-gun.jpgOn Friday afternoon, heavily armed men shot and killed a man moments after he left court where he was involved in a matter.

The deceased has been identified as Steven Malcolm, a senior member of the Nation Crocs gang that operates in Canterbury here in St James.

According to police Malcolm was shot about 11:30, shortly after he left court and was picked up by men in a motor car.

The police said that after going through the traffic light on Howard Cooke Drive the vehicle stopped on Queens Drive, where Malcolm reportedly got out to talk to men in a parked car, when heavily armed men alighted from another vehicle that was on the scene and peppered him with bullets. He was taken to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Frightened pedestrians ran in different directions for cover, while motorists sped away from the scene but soon created a large build-up of traffic in the congested city.

The shooters, in an attempt to elude the police who were quick on the scene, abandoned their motor car after it hit an embankment.