Khago wanted to give vloggers a taste of their own poison with diss track, 'Kill Vloggers'

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khago-bleach.jpgControversial dancehall act, Khago....the man who seems rather confused as to his own identity and who has been labelled "freadky" says he used his poison pen to give vloggers a taste of hown bitter medicine.

Khago recently released a new single entitled "Kill Vlogger." The name says it all. The diss track lashes out against several social media personalities who criticized him and branded his singles "Long Gun Boy" and "Come Inna Mi Place" as freaky anthems. (Which they definitely are. So what's the prob?)

Formerly known for conscious songs such as "Nah Sell Out" Khago now dabbles with a lot of lyrics that are as far removed from his days of consciousness, as is his new, lockless, bleached out appearance.

Well, with the decision to kill vloggers, Khago his out at Facebook Hero, Rawpa Crawpa, SouFloTv, CMR TV and Dr Love. Khago says that these persons often only highlight the bad things about entertainers with an aim to effort to tear them down.

The Vloggers say Khago is simply bitter.