I-Octane warns Konshens as idiot feud heats up

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i-octane-photo-4.jpgWhen will all these feuds and psuedo feuds end. We are getting sick and tiaaad of them now The latest kas kas is between I-Octane and Konshens. What business these two near-veterans have feuding?

Konshens implied ...alleged that an I-Octane look-alike keyed his high-end vehicle while at a show in Florida lsat weekend.

After a series on social media back and forthing, I-Octed posted a video captioned: "Look pan my face, smooth don't? nuh boy cyaa buss it and never buss it."


Okay then. So the 'Fat Hot Ras' is ready fi war?

Konshens, quite rightly, is amused...and so are we.

Advice to both: Cut out the foolishness and try mek some good songs. End of.