Warren, Where are you? Hiding from your daughter? Weird!

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warren-weir-screen-shot.jpgSo, Olympia Warren Weir got called out by his baby mother on social media over the weekend and he in turn took to Insta live on the verge of TEARS! to offer some kind of explanation? Yes, T-E-A-R-S. Is this guy for real?

Anyway, the story is that the 27-year-old Jamaican sprinter has a daughter who he has been keeping very secret. The daughter is not the child of his newly-broken-up-ex-girlfriend. The baby mother and Weir are seemingly not together, but she and Weir have a weird kind of relationship. So baby mama, who is not the girlfriend, took to Instagram on Sunday, May 7 to speak publicly on their situation for the first time.


According to her, Weir needs to make time and effort to see and bond with their nine month old daughter. And Gabrielle, the baby, is such a cutie pie.

Baby mama also blasted his on-and-off-now-ex-girlfriend Lexi for repeatedly trying to sabotage his relationship with the child.

In his Insta live Warren also plays the blame game - blaming everybody, except himself. Fans urged his to keep his composure and his silence, so he eventually signed off.