Wooi Yoooi! What a way Pamputtae mash dung Nuffy over di Shenseea argument!

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pamputae-photo-1.jpgnuffy-photo-1.jpgDon't ask if Pamputtae neva give it to Nuffy over the whole Shenseea argument.

Now, after Pamputtae mek her statement that some artiste a get some big push and dem cyaan even perform the whole a social media tek it up and a chat how Pam a throw wud pon Shenseea. Den the Mr Nuffness himself, Nuffy, no do nutten more that tek Pamputtae picture and Shenseea picture side by side and start run off him nuff mout. Bout Pamputtae fi low di girl and a chat up bare tingzs.

Well, Pamputtae did seckle His Royal Nuffness.

You tink a chattingz?????

Some sinting wha Pamputtae chat no normal. She dun him. All next year this time Nuffy cyaan recover.

shenseea.jpgNuffy with the mouth that rhyme with PATTY; Nuffy whose private part was done things that only a woman should do to a man (if they are so inclined), but in this case it was a man dressed as a woman who was doing these abominable things to His Royal Nuffness.

All of this is according to our girl Pamputtae.

Nuffy, we hear say you a hide under you bed. Nuffy, come from under the bed and defend yourself.