Is Spragga Benz Foxy Brown's baby-daddy?

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foxy-brown-with-spragga-benz.jpgWord on the street is that Brooklyn rap legend Foxy Brown is a new mother. Veteran media personality Wendy Williams broke the news during the opening segment of her day time talk show yesterday (March 2).

"Literally, as I'm putting on my bracelet, the telephone rings," Williams said. "Congratulations to Foxy Brown. She had a baby girl." Wendy didn't go on to specify the father's identity, but she did offer up a hint.

"No word on exactly who the baby's father is but allegedly it's a reggae star and I'm not going to say his name because I think that me and Foxy have some sort of relationship, and the bureau does have a working telephone," she explained. "So, maybe she'll call us."

Foxy Brown hasn't really been on the scene too much over the last year, so this news comes as a complete surprise to most of the world. She hasn't dropped an album since 2001, but she still pops up in the news from time to time -- and it's usually for some incendiary remark.

A year ago, Foxy drew plenty of ire for supporting President Trump, who was merely a candidate at the time.