Foota Hype criticises Kaci Fennell's VERY revealing carnival costume; she bawls out 'cyber bullying'

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kaci-fennell-carnival-photo-2017.jpgIt is no secret that popular selector, Foota Hype, talks a whole heap and it has reached the point where many people just wish that Foota would just shut the hell up and go AWAY...far far away.

Again, Foota has spoken and believe it or not, many person are saying that Foota ...for once... didn't put his entire foot in his mouth. This time, Foota Hype is actually being congratulated by some persons for actually making sense. Foota posted a picture of Miss Universe Jamaica (2014) Mrs. Kaci Fennell-Shirley in a very revealing, skimpy, next-to-nothing, wrong-part-of-the-body-baring, almost-pubic-hair-raising, super-sexy carnival betweeni and basically told the beauty queen to put on some clothes as she was "degrading herself".

This is what Foota said: "I don't care if this is miss Jamaica or miss world this nuh look good u favor ediot carnival mek u degrade uself exposing uself smfh better u did come a one dance Inna one batty rider #ilovedancehall."

In her response, Kaci Fennell, who got married last year, accused Foota of cyber bullying and has said that she wore the costume to please herself and that Foota should just shut the hell up (my words) because men like him are a part of the problem. But surely, this must be deja vu for the now married beauty who faced similar criticism for her Trini carnival costume back in February 2015. We did a quick search on Google and here are some of the headlines from that 2015 saga:

Kaci Fennell's Revealing Carnival Costume Harshly Criticized

Kaci Fennell Carnival Photo Draws Harsh Criticism Online

Kaci Fennell Skimpy Carnival outfit Angers Jamaicans

Has Kaci Fennell broken the Internet with her Trinidad Carnival

Here, too, is a paragraph from the February 2015 drama, along with some of the comments made two years ago: "Miss Universe Jamaica Kaci Fennell who is receiving harsh criticism from many for her choice of attire at Trinidad Carnival 2015."Why she have to dress like that to gain some attention from you the public? Showing off your naked self don't change what the world think?"; "Please don't go out dressed like that... you are miss universe in the eyes of Jamaicans and that outfit in pubic is not becoming of any miss universe"; "oooh nooo please take this picture down asap. looks too sleazy like a street walker... this pic doesnt depict the classy Kaci that represented JA a few weeks ago"; "No that's a lingerie girl. Pls don't represent my country wearing that."

Fast forward to February 2017 and here are the responses to Kaci Fennell-Shirley's Trini Carnival costume. Please note that she was the one who posted the picture of herself in the "betweeni" and since it was done on social media, which mean that persons are given the opportunity to comment - whether negatively or positively.

Newschecker: "We need to be careful how we define cyber-bullying as against freedom of speech. Far worse has been said on social media in the past than one man's opinion on something that is barely there.

"While she may have the right to walk naked if she chooses to do so, she should be prepared to stand the consequences of her choice. If she walked naked, she would be charged with indecent exposure.If she goes out in public dressed like that, then she is going to have to stand the conseqences: people giving their public opinion of her/ her outfit."

Darmic3: "While I'm no fan of today's dancehall, there's some merit to Foota's assertion. There has always been a bit a bit of hypocrisy between downtown/uptown and dancehall/soca.The uptown folks over the years, deride reggae and dancehall music, but have no such qualms about calypso and soca, whose risque lyrics and scantily clad "winers" are deemed acceptable."

Melissa_Whittaker: "Well me agree with foota this time. No look good at all."

Pete: "when u expose that self esteem needed, its usually insecurity..craving attention and publicity. BTW isnt she married? Wheres hubby Missa Shirley?? Why didnt the papers refer to her correct name Mrs Kaci Fennel-Shirley?? Or did she drop the name for carnival...LoL"

Anthony_Harris: "I agree with foota go put on clothes and have some pride"

Kimmy: Carnival do calls for a little showing of skin but face it Fennell this time it was too much skin-showing of the wrong place.

Christopher_Williams: I don't care woman must carry them self better I agree a woman has the right to-do what she pleases and see fit however u not to to be parading around half naked to feel-good about ur self miss fennel come on!!

Spell_Mansa_Musa_Afrikaans1: "She only a follow previous Miss World's like Yen di and such...the so called costume is too much (or too little depending on how u look on her), this feminist crappie is over rated..guh put on clothes...yuh a represent all women in Jamaica ..have pride"

Shaneka_MzNice_Harris1: "Big up yuh self Kaci, love yourself in whatever you wear. Foota need fi worry bout him big stinking self wey cyaah kip ooman cause all him cyaah satisfy dem. Everyone has an issue with what GROWN people are wearing mind unuh own damn business. Damn nuff."

Noshel: "What Miss fennel did was to degrade herself , for no good reason. she have her beauty, so why bother to strip in such a manner?.. She cant tell me or anyone for that matter that she is not getting any attention just with her beauty fully clothes?.

Of course, there was also quite a bit of cussing out for Foota and lots of sympathy/admiration for Mrs Fennell-Shirley in other quarters.

Below, please read Mrs Fennell-Shirley's official response:

"To whom it may concern,

I never respond to hate like this but something inside me couldn't allow myself to see this and brush it off like I usually do, especially with what our women have been going through recently. I have grown to completely ignore comments like these. This type of man here is a big part of the problem we are currently facing, not everything I do will be accepted by everyone and there is nothing wrong with that, the problem lies with this person believing he has the authority to comment or even dictate how a woman should carry herself. Instead of us celebrating us they tear us down, this type of man makes women second guess themselves and that is absolutely unacceptable because our women are heaven sent and it saddens me that situations like this lower their self esteem. I wore this for me! I felt so beautiful and sexy (thank you @mariecollete) at no point was I seeking for anyone else's approval but my own and that's how it should be always. To any one out there that has been a victim of cyber bullying I just wanted to let you know that you are loved, you are wonderfully made, you are beautiful, you are a masterpiece.... Don't you ever let another person ever make you feel otherwise. Continue to be yourself no matter what negativity may come your way. Wait till him see what I wearing tomorrow." -- Yasmine Peru