Petraa makes her move with Love Is Eternal

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petraa.jpgThe Latin word 'petra' means stone and reggae/dancehall artiste Petraa is determined to carve her name in stone and make her story one that is heavily flavoured with success.

Petraa, whose real name is Petra Grant, is a world citizen and an authentic musical ambassador. Wearing multiple hats - deejay, songwriter and producer - Petra possesses a musical dexterity that sees her exploring various themes through her lyrics, rather than being stuck in a groove. She sings about love with as much conviction as she sings about poverty and the gritty aspects of life. This young girl with the fascinating accent hails from Leeds in England, but as her biography states, she relocated to Toronto, Canada, and now spends six months each year in the land of Reggae, Jamaica.

Petraa, who has been singing professionally for more than 10 years, has been paying her dues and Petraa's career is now in high gear. Having put out a number of singles and various other projects, among them a collab with Janny Popps on a track named Butterfly, which went to the number one position on WBLK 93.7 FM chart in New York, Petraa is ready to seize the moment.

Her latest single, Love Is Eternal, is poised to give her that big breakthrough in the music biz. The single, described as "an uptempo love story making the most out of Petraa's vocal range, that will be sure to captivate listeners" is in rotation on stations in Jamaica, the Bahamas and St Vincent.

As Petraa ex[plained, "Love Is Eternal is really getting a lot of love and we have big plans for this song. People seem to gravitate towards it because it has a nice reggae/soul groove, in addition to which, it just grows on you," she said sounding quite excited.

Although not officially signed to a label, Petraa is guided by a professional team, who is purposefully steering her career in an upward direction. Working with Christopher Coombs at Di Lab Records in Exchange, St Ann, along with other producers including Dane Ray, Petraa is in the process of recording an EP. The artiste is currently working on a 13-track album which is a mixture of reggae, R&B and dancehall and should be ready for release this year.

Currently in Canada, where she has a number of shows lined up, in venues including the Right Wing Pub in Toronto and Aldo's Place, while simultaneously working on her music projects, Petra is aiming to make 2017 her year.