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Man who killed Anthony Cruz daughter sent texts to relatives, friends and told them of the murder

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kevin-nelson-killer.jpgKevin Kemoy Nelson, the man accused of killing reggae singer Anthony Cruz's daughter, Shanice Smith, and her mother inside their Sunrise home reportedly called and texted friends and family members to tell them what he'd done.

Kevin Nelson 32, was married to Karen Lyle, the 40 year-old mother of Shanice Smith.

According to the arrest report, a neighbor told police he'd heard gunshots on Friday night. And Kevin Nelson's sister said he came to her house Friday night and said he'd gotten into an argument with his wife, Karen Lyle and killed her, the report said. When the sister asked Nelson if he was kidding he said yes, the report said.


Then on Monday morning, Nelson made a 911 call and told the police that there had been gun shots in his area, 2 people were dead and that he was the shooter. The cops immediately went to Nelson's house in Sunrise, but he locked himself inside the house and refused to respond to the police.The report said that during the standoff between Nelson and the police on Monday morning, Nelson texted his dead wife's brother.

"Shanice, Karen and me are all dead. The cops is here and the news crew," the text said, according to the report. An hour later he called Lyle's brother and told him he'd killed Karen Lyle and 15 year-old Shanice Smith, the report said.


One of Lyle's friends said she received several text messages from Nelson, the first at 10:20 a.m. Monday, less than an hour before the 911 call, the report said.

Nelson told the friend Lyle was cheating on him, lying to him, talking down to him and embarrassing him on a regular basis, the report said. He also said he believed she was having sex with her ex-husband, according to the report.

"I am sorry for everything," his last text read.

When the friend called Nelson, he said "I am sorry to inform you that Karen is deceased," the report said. When she asked what happened to her, Nelson said "I shot her," the report said.

The friend also asked about the teen. "I shot her too," he said, according to the report.

Shanice Smith, who was an 'A' student, had attended Piper High School in Sunrise.


Anthony Cruz, who has always been very vocal about his love for his only daughter, posted a photo of Shanice on Facebook Monday, hours after the tragedy.

"I can't believe they kill my one and only daughter in ft. lauderdale," he wrote.

Nelson, 32, is facing two counts of murder in the shooting deaths of 40-year-old Karen Lyle and her 15-year-old daughter, Shanice Smith,

Nelson remained behind bars without bond Tuesday.

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