Holness discusses Dancehall with Cecille and Agent Sasco. Really?

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andrew-holness-agent-sasco-cecile.jpgThis is the message prime minister Andrew Holness posted on his Facebook page Thursday: "I recently sat down with @AgentSasco and @IAMTHECECILE. We discussed dancehall, what can be done to improve the industry and more. Stay tuned in the next few days for much more."

First of all, how di hell Cecille and Assassin aka Agent Sasco get inna this kind of conversation? Can you picture the scenario: Andrew Holness, Cecille and Assassin sitting down over wine and cheese and discussing Dancehall. Actually, there was a picture of the trio posing up in a room with a mixing board. #RealJokeBusiness.

Fortunately, this is the era of social media and not all social media users are trolls. Here are a few of the brilliant comments: "No sah a swear if them fea sit down with the boys them on the street corner and find out wat can be implemented to increase job creation, more facilities in each community, even [to] reduce crime them naah dweet... We focus on the little things too much [and] there are bigger issues out there."

"Meanwhile... Jamaica has just borrowed another USD $330 million. I guess it's okay to take it easy now that government salaries have been secured. There are critical matters which need your attention, Mr Prime Minister! Such as the rampant pedophiles molesting our youth, rapes and murders of our children, overwhelming poverty and no jobs. But I guess talking about dancehall is more important, right? You all need to get your priorities and agenda straight."

"Dancehall doesn't needs improving as nothing is wrong with it. What needs improving is your governance relating to REAL problems. What you're uttering is stupidity at its best!! And i would certainly say you're bias. Go improve carnival and all a them other tings deh portraying that u claimed dancehall is responsible for," posted Suprxme Jay.

"Oh please... Probably u nuh see all them sex scene them have ena dance, man jump pon woman, woman a get man handle, the world a talk of how immoral it is... That is not dancehall..."