Caribbean Court blocks promoter Cabral Douglas from suing Dominica in Tommy Lee saga

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cabral-douglas-and-tommy-lee-sparta.jpgThe Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) has blocked Cabral Douglas from suing Dominica in the long-running Tommy Lee Sparta saga.

Douglas had demanded US$3-million from the government in compensation after the controversial Dancehall artiste and his entourage was deported from Dominica in February 2014. He was slated to perform at a concert organized by Douglas.

Douglas' demand was turned down by the government, however, he took the matter to the CCJ.

But in an 18-page judgment, the CCJ has prevented Douglas from suing the government in the matter.

"The facts alleged do not suggest that the Applicant (Douglas) was a patron and in this sense, a recipient of entertainment services ...," part of the judgment reads. "On the other hand, it may be argued that as a 'middle man' standing between the concert patrons and the entertainment suppliers his position could be assimilated to that of a patron. The Court does not have to decide this issue because in either event, the Court holds that whatever right he may have had in this regard did not accrue to him directly."

Douglas has expressed disappointment in the decision.

"I'm obviously disappointed with the decision," he stated. "But, what is even more disappointing is the state of jurisprudence in the Caribbean. There is a reason why only 4 out of 15 counties have agreed to embrace the jurisdiction of the court as its final court of appeal, and this decision, in my humble opinion.