Anthony Cruz's daughter and her mother murdered in Florida

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anthony-cruz-daughter-shanice.jpganthony-cruz-photo-1.jpgReggae singer Anthony Cruz is reportedly inconsolable following the shocking murder of his daughter, Shanice, in Florida yesterday. The fifteen year old 'A' student and her mother, Karen Lyle, 40, were reportedly killed by the mother's husband, Kevin Nelson.

Cruz, who embraced the Rastafarian faith a few years ago, reportedly spoke to his daughter everyday from his home in Jamaica, and sources told Yardflex that he also spoke to her on Monday morning, hours before she was shot to death, allegedly by her step-father.

The headline-grabbing incident started unfolding from as early as 11:00 AM on Monday, February 13, when neighbours in the Sunrise complex called the police after hearing gunshots. International news outlets report that a SWAT team and dozens of police officers responded to Nelson's Del Rio Village apartment in the 7700 block of Balboa Street in Sunrise, Florida, to investigate reports of gunfire around 11am.

When officers arrived, they called the 32 year old Kevin Nelson , who answered but refused to come out. Officers feared Nelson may be armed, so a SWAT team was called in as they attempted to get him to surrender. 'They were on the loudspeaker', a neighbor told Local 10 News. 'They kept telling the guy to come outside and that they weren't going to hurt him'.

News outlets in Florida report that the SWAT team knocked down a tree, a fence and finally Nelson's door before entering with a robot after an hours-long SWAT standoff. Nelson eventually made his way out of the apartment after almost five hours inside and surrendered peacefully.

Police found the bodies of Karen Lyle, 40, and her 15-year-old daughter Shanice Smith inside the home of Kevin Nelson. They both died from gunshot wounds, police said.


News station CBS4 quotes Anthony Cruz's father, Courtney Smith, as telling them that the 15-year-old victim was his granddaughter, Shanice Smith.

'She didn't deserve this', said Courtney Smith. 'You hear these things but when it hits home, it's totally different'.

Relatives in Jamaica are expressing shock and disbelief at Shanice's murder and are echoing the same sentiments as her grandfather - the teenager had a very bright future and certainly didn't deserve to die this way.

Additionally, they are also expressing major concern for her father, Anthony, who is taking the news very badly. "Shan Shan was Anthony Cruz's entire world. There are two persons who he loves unconditionally - Shanice and Lisa. He spoke to Shanice every single day. She was the light of his life - his everything," a relative told Yardflex. "He is supposed to go to Florida, the ticket is already bought, but there is no way that he can travel by himself. We will have to get somebody to travel with him. He is in a very fragile state just now," the relative added.

According to reports, several neighbours said Nelson and Lyle often argued outside their apartment and cops were called there numerous times for domestic complaints in the past year.


Nelson was arrested in October 2016 at the same residence for repeatedly hitting a woman who lived in the home with him after she tried to stop him from throwing bleach on the bedroom furniture, court records show. The woman's daughter reported the incident to police.

An online wedding registry for a Karen Lyle and Kevin Nelson of Sunrise gives April 16, 2016 as the big day. Nelson was arrested on Monday, but no charges have been filed against him.

It was a little over six years ago that Thriller U of the popular reggae group LUST mourned the murder of his 16-year-old daughter who was shot and killed after gunmen invaded the house she was staying while she and her mother were on vacation in Miramar, Florida. Two other occupants of the house were shot to death and her mother, Thriller U's wife, was critically injured.

Yardflex extends condolence to Anthony Cruz and his family. - Yasmine Peru