Tommy Lee Sparta wins US$3 million lawsuit against Dominica government?

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tommy-lee-sparta-photo-13.jpgWebsite Urban Islandz is reporting that deejay Tommy Lee Sparta has won a US$3 million lawsuit against the Dominica government, however in the same article it quotes Tommy Lee's lawyer Bert Samuels as saying that they are still in negotiations.

The dancehall deejay filed the lawsuit in 2014 after an incident in which he was barred from entering the island upon arrival for a concert. The deejay complained that he was treated inhumanely and had to sleep overnight on a cold concrete floor inside a cell. He was traveling with his entourage which includes then manager Heavy D. After returning home to Jamaica, Tommy Lee filed a $3 million lawsuit against the Dominican government for violating his civil rights based on the CARICOM's Treaty of Chaguaramas.

According to the gossip website "Tommy Lee Sparta says he will be swimming in cash after winning a US$3 million lawsuit against the Dominican government."

During a recent interview with radio host Mutabaruka, Tommy Lee Sparta revealed that he will be getting a lot of cash after the pending settlement concluded. "Me a get a lot cash, man, everybody who pressure me will have to pay me," the artist said.

Tommy Lee's attorney Bert Samuels confirmed that Dominican authorities made the deejay an offer but they are currently in negotiation to reach a final settlement.