Security minister Robert Montague's uncle is a OBEAHMAN

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robert-montague-photo-1.jpgMinister of National Security Robert Montague sent a message to criminals that his uncle is an obeah-man."This minister no fraid a oonu, my uncle is a obeah man," Montague boasted of his uncle who is practising an illegal craft for which he can be charged.

Montague advised criminals to keep their lawyers on speed dial as the security forces will be pursuing them relentlessly and without fear.

"Oonu goin run weh because we goin to pursue oonu. he warned, at an interactive session with heads of security held at the Jamaica Conference Centre in downtown Kingston.

Montague said a number of criminals go about with New Testament Bibles in their back pockets and guard rings claiming that "when dem turn the ring (Senior Superintendent of Police) Mr [Steve] McGregor, dem disappear an police cyaan see dem".

However, he noted that a new 304-bed facility is being constructed at the Tamarind Farm Adult Correctional Centre, and said "Commissioner Hunter a fix up a nice place fi dem... and we need people to occupy them".