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Outrage on social media and civil society over 64-y-o-Moravian astor's sexual abuse of 15 year-old

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moravian-sex-pastor-rupert-clarke.jpgThe sense of outrage over the actions of Moravian Pastor Rupert Clarke

Here are some of the comments:

"I wish that women from all denominations, who were abused by pastors and other men of the cloth would step out and speak out. Too many of them have got away with it. These wolves in sheep clothing should be exposed. Young people's lives have been scarred while these scoundrels live lofty lives and don't care one damn."

"This is a big problem in society, and the church is no different. Many of the.leaders think it is okay to be an untouchable, because they wear a collar, or have a religious title, whilst the sins of the rest of us becomes an issue. God said it in His word, Numbers 32: 23; "Be sure your sins will find you out".

We are a bunch of 'churchgoers' who believe in the creature (pastors, bishops, etc) and not the Creator. But for His Grace and Mercy, we would all be outcasts. Too many of these leaders set rules but do NOT abide by the guidelines of the Word. Noise and emotions only, to scare people into believing, but not surrendering the old nature. This man and many others in the church, are predators, practicing; wolves in sheep's clothing.

"Can a leopard change its spots? No, but hearts can be transformed. From the abundance of the heart, flows the issues of life. This behaviour did not creep upon the pastor Clarke, if true, this is his secret practice, away from the pulpit.

If what is being said by Dr Thompson about the handling of a report on pastor Clarke's previous behaviour, by Dr Gardener, then this might be a tip of the iceberg. How many more of this kind of behaviour, is known. "Did congregants condone, look the other way, deny or gossip?

Too many spots, too many wrinkles, too much religious practices and NO relationship with Christ. We worship with our lips but our hearts are so far from God. Hearts of DARKNESS. May God be Merciful and heal those taken advantage of; the very vulnerable and young children."

"It is sad to admit but there's really double standard in the churches today. I have discovered this painful fact. There are two set of rules. Some do and will get away with it and judgement on some for the said offence. I pray we will all do as the Bible states that there should be no biases. God is NOT bias."

"My mother used to say, every day bucket go a well one day de bottom left right there. I guess that the church conducts a system of see,hear and speak no evil. They point to others and fail to see that four fingers are pointing right back at them. Now with this revelation what can the head of the church say in their defense - protecting the pastor and the church image I guess. Those who rant, rave, stomp and shout are the same ones doing exactly what they are telling people not to do - Jimmy Swaggart is a good example."

"The "Church" is merely used as another social climbing organization. This sexual assault of a minor by any geriatric minister may not have happened without his access to tax exempt church funds and whatever hopes and dreams his vehicular motel fueled in this youngster's head. This morally depleted social climber needs to be allowed to fall freely to earth. The Organization which has allowed anyone to abuse privileges needs to have their comeuppance. The Ten Commandments is an easily understood document which church leaders may be able to find in the Bible."

"This church leader knew that this Pastor was a sexual predator years ago.They knew what he was involved in hence the reason for his transfer.It does not matter if this Mr Thompson is an ex minister.His story holds facts.Mr Gardener needs to explain what he knows and when he heard."

Reggae Sumfest 2018


Reggae Sumfest 2018