Ooooh! The big secret wedding with I-Octane and Al Miller daughter Kerine buss out

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i-octane-photo-3.jpgNow, this one easily wins the category 'Best Kept SEcret of 2016': the marriage between I-Octane and Kerine Miller, the daughter of society-pastor-and-Dudus-confidante-whose-gun-went-missing-while-plum-picking, Al Miller.

When we hear Zip bawl it out pon dem Zip Code programme laas week, say Octane and Kerine married from inna November 2015 and celebrate dem one-year wedding anniversary wha day yah, we did haffi wonder if we ah hear right.


But Goodies, it is all there. Just check out the Facebook/Instagram of the wifey who now goes by the official name Kerine Miller-Muir.

We wish the Muirs all the best, but we a wonder if Sasha did get the scoop on this one.

Bling Bling.....