Jamaican man sentenced to 48 years in prison for killing girlfriend's baby

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hands-behind-bars.jpgA Jamaican man has been sentenced to 48 years in a United States prison for killing his girlfriend's three-year-old daughter because she soiled herself.

According to media reports in Aurora, Colorado, Shane Campbell, 26, was sentenced on a murder conviction last Wednesday for striking the toddler, identified as Angel Bailey, who suffered a seizure and later died in July 2015.

Campbell had pleaded guilty to second degree murder, the Aurora Sentinel reports.

Campbell reportedly resided in the volatile St Andrew community of Cassava Piece before migrating with his family several years ago.

Word of his sentencing has been circulating in the community.

Police in Aurora report that an officer who visited Campbell's apartment on the night the three-year-old was struck said he overheard the Jamaican saying he had never struck Angel that hard before.

Prosecutors say Campbell later told investigators he was mad at her for soiling herself.