Macka wig fly off her head pon stage and now di wig song haffi fly!

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macka-diamond-wig.jpgAll right, so Sample Man pop off Macka wig off her head over at Ghetto Splash wha day yah and a bare things a happen to Macka after she get over the embarrassment of it all.

According to reports, Macka Diamond will be shooting a video this week for her latest single, 'Wig Haffi Fly', a song that relates the incident during which she lost her wig onstage during the Ghetto Splash concert at the Waterhouse mini-stadium last week.

The single is produced by Andrew 'Anju Blaxx' Myrie.

"Right now, things mad, the video of the incident went viral and the day after, I recorded the song for Andrew Blacks and he said say video shoot right away this Wednesday," she said.

Macka has been creating waves on social media over the past week, and the trend continued when she wore daring yellow wig to a dance, after which a photo circulated that attracted hundreds of comments - both negative and positive - over the weekend.

"Mi go Boom Boom party and I wore a yellow wig, because it was a blue-and-yellow birthday party and the Internet went wild, the picture went viral, so right now, people ah talk all kinda things but I couldn't care less. Macka Diamond hot ya now," she said.