Government knew Kartel was recording and moved him to save face, says Ninja

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ninja-sting.jpgOutspoken veteran entertainer, Desmond John Ballentine, better known as Ninjaman, is of the opinion that the powers that be have been feigning ignorance of the fact that jailed deejay Vybz Kartel, has been recording music while in prison.

Ninjaman, in a recent interview with Jamaica's afternoon tabloid, The Star, further opined that the government had to move Vybz Kartel to athe maximum security General Penitentiary prison to 'save face'

"There is no question there about weh di man a do, so I don't want the Government gwaan like dem take people fi idiot. Di whole a dem did know, but the reason why the Government have to make this drastic step is because it obvious now."

According to artiste -- whose full moniker sounds something like this: The Original Gold-Teeth-Gun-Pon-Teeth- Don-Gorgon -- there was no way that the self-proclaimed World Boss could have answered Mavado's very recent diss directly, unless he had voiced those particular set of lyrics while behind bars.

"Mi nuh business bout nuh body business, but nobody a nuh idiot. Nobody nuh supposed to ask me if the man a record inna prison because how you fi answer Mavado if you nah record?" Ninjaman is reported as saying.


Ninjaman, himself no stranger to life behind bars, and who is currently out on bail awaiting trial in a murder case in which he has been fingered,curiously enough voiced his support for Kartel's recent transfer.

The many-time jailed artiste explained to the Star thus: "Well, as an artiste, fi Kartel go a GP is a better situation,. Him have more chances fi do him work because you have studio inna di General Penitentiary. You have schools, you have radio stations, everything."

The former Brother Desmond, however, had a word of caution,"The only thing is that if the Government seh him not supposed to record, him nah go can record." - YP