Bangarang at PNP meeting: Lisa must go! Everything have expiry date!

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lisa-hanna-photo-4.jpgAs expected, there was quite a bit of bangarang at the big PNP National Executive Council meeting on Sunday at the Cedar Grove Academy in St Catherine. People's National Party supporters loyal to President Portia Simpson Miller and others supporting St Ann South East Member of Parliament Lisa Hanna traded insults. Also, as expected, a huge brawl was on the verge of erupting, as the two sets of rabble rousers squared off.

"Lisa must go!" was the chant of the group loyal to Simpson Miller, while Hanna's much smaller faction retorted: "Everything in life has an expiry date."

A fight nearly broke out between two men and shortly after, a vicious looking woman pulled a knife threatening to stab a man.The police intervened, but by then the party animal had flung away the weapon.

The knife was subsequently recovered by the police.