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bounty-killer-photo-8.jpgBounty calls out Sting promoters - 'Dem man deh nuh rate people'

In response to Supreme Promotions announce that this year, Sting will be honouring the artistes who have contributed greatly to the event's success since its inception, one of the named honorees. Bounty killer had this to say.

Bounty Killer's words of wisdom: "I get to understand as a youth coming up that these people don't really rate me or honour me. Dem man deh nuh too rate nobody, dem man deh just rate the sensation of the moment and who dem can sell some tickets off of."

He continued: "If they wanna do this as a publicity stunt to say they honouring me, I will send someone to go and collect it. But I ain't even going 'cause I know these people and they don't respect foundation. They are all about the hype."