'More music from prison,' promises Kartel

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vybz-kartel-photo-4-larger.jpgSince last week, Vybz Kartel has released three new singles, "You Make Me Cry," "Your Little Shorts," and "What Next." all these tracks are from previously recorded unreleased material.

In doing so the World Boss kept his promise to his fans that despite his transfer to a tighter security prison, he would still be putting out new songs.

"Transfer from one prison to the next won't stop the music because we have so much unreleased recordings," a Gaza rep stated..

"We have really good producers who can mix the songs to make them sound like they were just recorded so that is the issue now, but no music is being recorded behind bars," the deejay's rep added.

During his sentencing in 2014, Vybz Kartel was given the option to record music in prison but the proceeds would go towards his murder victim family. The Portmore Empire deejay declined the offer which means its illegal for him to record music in prison.

"Vybz Kartel real youth enuh big up yuh self mi Boss none a them caah stop you the more them chat a the more you rise them just caah be like you the fool them nuh know say every man have to be themselves them caah step to you no day we love you we need you i pray gods blessings upon you and your friends you are a real empire full a knowledge them nuh deh nuh where near you them nuh see how much name you have only Jesus alone have so much name that mean you are very very special in the eyes of god dance hall a fi you Gaza still a win free mi say fi the Boss," a Gaza Fan commented.