Michelle Obama for US President in 2020?

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michelle-obama.jpgFour years is not really a long time, and before you know it, the next US elections for President in 2020 will be just around the corner.

The potential first shots of the next campaign were fired online in the hours after Donald Trump's victory became clear when hundreds of thousands took to social media to urge the current first lady to run for President in 2020.

"Perfect conditions for Michelle Obama to win 2020 elections," read one comment. Another said simply: "Michelle Obama 2020 please Michelle Obama 2020 please Michelle Obama 2020 please".

Mrs Obama is that extreme rarity, a popular figure in America's political landscape. Her favourability rating, pegged by Gallup at 64 percent, is significantly higher than that of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, or even her husband.

There's one small problem for the first lady's supporters, however. In March, she said she had no interest in the top job.