Iri FM host KShema Francis is now an artiste

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kshema.jpgIrie FM certainly seems able to make artistes of its own people. Kshema Francis joins a line of IRIE/Zip FM on-air personalities who have hopped onto the deejaying band wagon,

Francis, host of the Entertainment Buzz and What's The Scoop (WTS) heard on reggae radio Irie FM recently release of her very first single titled 'Unconditional Love.'

"The feedback is great" Francis told a popular tabloid. "My colleagues are playing it. I am a bathroom singer or if I at a karaoke pub, after a glass of wine, I may belt one (song) out." Truth be told, Francis did not initially set out to record a reggae song. "I do poetry, so I had asked my co-worker, who happens to be Cashflow Neil of Cashflow Records to make me a riddim for one of my poems. He said to me 'I have a riddim but it's for singers.' My other co-worker Gavin G and I started vibing on the track; Neil got excited and told us to come to the studio. I didn't want to do it but after a bit of convincing I went."