The FBI coming to Jamaica?!!

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The United States agency known as the FBI -Federal Bureau of Investigations - will be setting up office in Jamaica.

The announcement was made by US Ambassador to Jamaica, Louis Moreno on Wednesday evening at the launch of Dialogues in Democracy, a publication produced by the Caribbean Policy Research Institute (CaPRI) argued that the move represents the commitment of the US to helping the Jamaican authorities tackle the persistent problem of crime.

"During my tenure here I was able to convince Washington to give us a fulltime alcohol, tobacco and firearms office and very shortly we are actually going to have a fulltime FBI office," he told the small audience that had gathered for the launch of the CaPRI report.

He explained that the office will decrease the embassy's reliance on the regional FBI office and other intelligence arrangements in Latin America.

"We will now have our own officers stationed in Jamaica and that will make working with the security forces much easier. We will have more joint operations, more training, more equipment and more extraditions," he said.

The FBI, like the US Secret Service, is a law enforcement agency. They exist to investigate crimes, and the FBI budget is about $8.3 billion