One Jamaican killed another injured in police shooting in Suriname

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crime-scene-7.jpgA Jamaican was among three men shot dead by the police in Suriname during a failed robbery attempt on the weekend. He has not been identified.

The other deceased are from Suriname and Guyana.

Another Jamaican involved in the robbery was also shot and injured. He has been arrested.

The police say the four are members of a gang of robbers. It is reported that the men were in the process of robbing a shop when the owner shouted for help. A neighbour responded and the men ran from the building with some of the goods.

They were cornered by the police near their home and there was an alleged shootout in which the four robbers were shot. Three of them died on the scene.

The police seized guns and the goods stolen from the shop. Money and other goods in the house occupied by men were also seized.

A man and two women who were at the house were also arrested.