Illegal to lock students out of school

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education-minister-ruel-reid.jpgEducation Minister, Senator Ruel Reid is reminding schools that no student should be locked out because their attire is not in adherence to regulations.

Our newsroom has received calls since the new academic term on Monday about students being turned away because of the length of uniforms as well as improper shoes, belts and haircuts. A parent in St. James explained yesterday that her daughter was locked out because of the length of her uniform despite it being the required six inches below the knee.

Senator Reid says there is no policy which allows a school to bar students from entering its campus. He explains that the children should be allowed to enter the campus, contact made with the parents and only after they are handed over they can be removed from the school. He appealed to Principals to adhere to the law and education regulations.

At the same time, he pointed out that there are clear rules as to what is expected from schools regarding uniforms.