D'Angel pose up half naked with her son fi get lickle PR

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dangel-marco-dean.jpgOf all the pictures that D'Angel could have posted from her recent video shoot, she chose one in which she was half-naked with her son Marco Dean looking up at her. Of course people had nuff tings to say bout it. And that's exactly what she wanted.

After all, if a neva fi di controversial picture we wouldn't a write up bout her video shoot, so - Round One to D'Agel. this is what she had to say after the backlash:

"It is what it is. My son is the child of two entertainers, and he understands what his mom does for a living. He enjoys coming on my video shoots and he enjoys watching me work. He knows that I'm not going to walk around like that. He knows that that's me in work mode. He knows the difference between D'Angel, the artiste, and Michelle, his mother."

Aware of the buzz that the photo has been creating, a confident D'Angel also says she doesn't care what people think.

"I never thought people would be so low-minded that they would see this as anything other than a working mom doing what she needs to do," she said.