Chris Brown accuser arrested in New York for theft of $1000 Louis Vuitton purse from her friend

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chris-brown-accuser-photo-1.jpgCurran claims that she is not speaking out about the incident for publicity, 'as she is pretty well-known being Miss California Regional.'

'I hope the truth does comes out, because I don't lie, I would never lie, why, for what?' Curran said. 'I don't need the publicity, I'm already kind of very well-known for being Miss California Regional, modeling, upcoming actress.

'So if I was doing this for fame, or something to that sort, why would I do it this way?'

Speaking to Extra on Tuesday, the same day of the alleged incident, Curran claims that she has witnesses who can vouch for her story about what she claims happened

She also said that she has witnesses who will back her story up.


'I would say to Chris, be the good person that I know you are. He knows what he has done... I would say, just come out with the truth, because I'm sure it will come out one day anyway,' she told Extra.

However, hours earlier, Curran spoke to TMZ Live about the incident where she said that she was at Brown's house spending time in his hot tub with a friend before the alleged incident. She also said that it wasn't her first time at his place.

According to TMZ , back in 2013 Curran was vacationing with friends at the luxurious New York hotel, The Plaza, in when an argument broke out.

Police documents contain allegations that Curran snatched a $1,000 Louis Vuitton purse, containing $200 in cash, credit cards and a Michael Kors wallet, from one of the other girls, TMZ reported.

Curran allegedly fled with the purse and left New York, but would be liable to be arrested if she returns to the city.

Her former friend, whose purse she allegedly stole, is said to have got a restraining order against Curran from a judge in California.