Chinese men found guilty in huge credit card fraud in Jamaica for sentencing

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hands-behind-bars.jpgThe sentencing hearing for three Chinese nationals, who pleaded guilty last week to major scamming activities, was delayed on Wednesday when they appeared in court.

The hearing is now set for Monday before the St. Andrew Parish Court.

The three were arrested last month by the St. Andrew Central Police. The cops raided a house they occupied in Barbican, St. Andrew and reportedly seized several skimming devices, hundreds of blank credit cards, along with J$6 million and foreign currency.

The skimming devices are used to create fake credit cards. It is alleged that documents with the information of credit card holders were also seized. The cops say the men are members of an international fraud network. They have been linked to fraud in United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Israel, Russia, Cuba and several Caribbean countries.

The men have pleaded guilty to possession of criminal property; possession of data device; forgery and unauthorized access to computer data.

Three other Chinese nationals, believed to be members of the fraud network, were recently arrested in Dominica.