Beauty queen who says Chris Brown held a gun to her head was STRIPPED of her title

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chris-brown-photo-1.jpgThe woman claiming Chris Brown pulled a gun on her after she admired some of his friend's jewelry was stripped of the Miss California Regional 2016 title after a series of alarming incidents in the two months of her reign.

Baylee Curran, 24, called 911 from Brown's $4million mansion in southern California at 3am on Tuesday, leading to an 11-hour stand-off with police before a search warrant was executed on the property.

It ended with the award winning singer being arrested on suspicion of felony assault with a deadly weapon at the Tarzana mansion.

He has since been released on $250,000 bail. He was tested for drugs after arriving to jail by authorities, TMZ reported.

Curran alleged that the singer threatened her with a gun and kicked her out of his home after she was simply admiring some diamond jewelry.

She was crowned the Miss California Regional on April 1, but on July 5 of this year she was dethroned 'due to a breach of contract'.

A source close to the situation said that there were a series of allegations against Curran that raised 'red flag after red flag after red flag'.

One of those red flags, allegedly included 'racy photos' taken reportedly of Curran during a photo shoot that were anonymously sent to pageant officials.

Title holders are not to be posing or taking any revealing or nude photos of any type of nature, including both selfies and professional photo shoots.

The source said that Curran denied taking the photos, claiming that it was not her.

In addition, the source said that Curran, who is an aspiring actress, did not perform any civic duties as Miss California Regional 2016.

'She was required to perform community service and help out the community, but she did not do anything,' the source told

Furthermore, other contests in the pageant alleged that Curran threatened them, was 'very catty' and also made 'racial comments,' the source claimed.

Before dethroning Curran, pageant officials held a counseling session with her about the allegations and problems, but the situation worsened.