Back-to-school blues for principal whose penis was bitten by male friend

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Back-to-school can be traumatic, especially for a principal who was caught up in a court drama in April with another man who allegedly bit him on the penis.

Well, the school community had said clearly that they did not want the principal back in their school, and it seems that the Education Ministry has extended his leave of absence.

Report are school principal at the centre of controversy surrounding the incident, in which a male companion bit his penis, will not be at the controls when his institution reopens on Monday.

He is still the principal, however, he will not be back at school for the start of the school term. I understand the concerns," the acting principal is reported as saying.

Police reports are that the principal was rescued after he was found along the roadway outside a popular restaurant and lounge located in Portmore, bleeding profusely from his private area. In court, attorney-at-Law Ernest Smith, who represented the man accused of injuring the principal, said the principal "was a mentor," who "took my client out for drinks". He said that instead of driving home his client, the principal tried to force himself upon his client, who refused his advances.