A how di Reggae Boyz foreign coach Schaefer so damn rude!

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coach-schaefer.jpgA what Schaefar really tek people fa. No sah, him damn outta order and rude, bout him a refuse interview and then go plug out di media people dem equipment.

Schaefer haffi apologise.

See what him do yah mek PAJ haffi write letter to JFF:

"After refusing to speak with the TVJ cameraman there, Coach Schaefer then came over and unplugged the media worker's cable during the middle of an interview with the team's manager, who was reportedly speaking willingly.

The PAJ said it regards the interference with the work of a media professional as "unjustifiable and quite frankly, totally out of order".

The PAJ has asked the JFF to deal with this matter, and to clearly stipulate to the federation's coaches what constitutes acceptable behaviour in interactions with the press.