31 y-o St Catherine woman starves to death

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A probe is in progress into a case where it is suspected that a 31 year old woman in Portmore, St. Catherine starved to death.

The body of the woman, was found on Tuesday in an open lot in Braeton Phase 2 in Portmore. It is reported that she was mentally ill.

The Greater Portmore police went to investigate what they thought was a murder after receiving reports of a body in a bag in an open lot in Braeton Phase 2.

However, as soon as the police commenced their investigation, they realised it was an unusual case. The investigation revealed a deeper horror which speaks to the treatment of the mentally ill. A bag was found which contained the remains of the 31-year-old woman who appeared to have been malnourished. The woman lived with her 34-year-old sister who was her only care-giver. Her sister, who works in Kingston, told the police that she left home at 5:30 Tuesday morning and returned a little more than 16 hours later.

She said she found her sister on the floor, apparently where she normally lay, but this time she was dead. The woman said she panicked and placed the body in a bag, then dumped it in a nearby empty lot.

According to the police, the body was more like a skeleton with skin, no muscle, no fat. They believe she simply wasted away. The woman told police her sister was mentally challenged and unable to do anything for herself and she found it difficult to cope. Because she had to work, her sister was left at home all day, every day. Inside the house, investigators found feces all over and no running water in the house. The toilet was filthy. The dead woman's sister told police she tried but was unable to get help for her sister.

She was questioned by the Greater Portmore police on Wednesday morning.