No joke! Comedian takes his bestiality act to the stage: humps a goat and says he loves animals

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goat.jpgAnimal rights activist are calling for the authorities to locate and take swift action against a local comedian, who publicly confessed to acts of bestiality in an online skit.

The video, titled 'My Strange Addiction', has amassed 215,000 views on social media website, Facebook. It was also highlighted in Africa via Gossip Mil Nigeria and viewed by more four million people.

In the video, a comedian in Jamaica, who goes by the moniker Kyng Tavii, expresses his love for goats and for being a goat.

"I'm taking this goat life very serious," he said. "Let me introduce you guys to my girlfriend (a goat). Her name is Stacy. This is my babymother Stacy. She is pregnant for like a week now and I can't wait for the kid. I love Stacy."

Kyng Tavii followed by saying that he has a pornographic video with the goat that is already on the Internet and that they are not afraid to have sex in public. This was followed by him dry humping the goat.

While some persons thought the video was amusing, others thought it was quite disturbing, with some persons going as far as to issue death threats.