Macka Diamond fed up with Spice

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macka-diamond-photos-2.jpg"Mi just tired of people who act like dem wah tek music business for a game. Me never grow up in this business and see people a try diss females, and this girl diss other females and gwaan like she don't want the rest of the females to eat any food," Macka said.

"She diss Tifa, she diss everybody, and gwaan like she wah cow down and bully people. Mi nah ward wid dancer fi gwaan inna the road guh beat up dem front," Macka said of the self-proclaimed queen of stage show.

Macka is the second female artiste in recent times to take issue with Spice for the way she deals with other female artistes. Recently Chin Chin, Gully Bop's one-time fiancee, said that Spice does not support female entertainers.