'Beater man' cop kidnaps, tortures ex lover

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crime-scene-7.jpgA beater man Manchester cop is now in custody on allegations that he kidnapped and beat his ex-lover because she dumped him.The constable, whose name is being withheld, is alleged to have held the woman between July 25 and August 5

The incident occurred after the woman finally ended the rocky relationship that some say required the intervention of the cop's superior at work. The St Ann woman was held at the constable's house in Waltham District in Mandeville, Manchester.

The woman was allegedly lured to the home where her hands and feet were tied up and her mouth gagged and she was held without food or drink over the course of her confinement. In additions, the cop is alleged to have beaten the woman all over her body with a broomstick.

At one point, it is alleged, the cop wrapped the woman's face with a piece of cloth before pouring water on it. This is a method of torture called waterboarding that gives the victim a feeling of being drowned. The woman escaped the home after freeing herself.