Cooyah! TVJ ban KC and Camperdown from dem quiz

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kingston-college-schools-challenge-quiz-team.jpgOh dear. Don't criticise TVJ or your school will be banned. Real poppyshow sinting. Nuff people say dem nah even a go watch Schools Challenge next time around, and people a bun a fire pon TVJ and dem ole fool-fool ban.

But if wi fi really talk up di tingz dem, all wi can seh is dat School Challenge lose most a it credibility after big time quizmaster, Dennis Hall leave.

Schools Challenge Quiz fall into disrepute loooonnnnnnggggg time, KC and Camperdown neva have a ting fi do wid dat. Look how much time people cry foul. Not to mention di big foul up wid Ardenne and Camperdown in which TVJ go against dem owna rules

Mek dem galang wid dem ole fool-fool, eediat ban. Fi all we know, KC and Camperdown neva did a go enter next year anyway. TVJ need fi clean up dem shop and wheel and come again. Bung bang!

But, on di other side a di coin, nuh KC always a ban people bwoy pickney from tek dem exam true dem hair no deh pon one level? Well, now dem know what it feel like now to be on di odder side of the fence. Just saying...