A which nasty deejay spit pon di Sumfest stage?

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No sah, dis a tek nastiness to di next level!! A which guttersnipe deejay 'hawk and pit' pon di people dem big big international fabulowshous stage a Reggae Sumfest last week? All becausen say di promoter dem inform him dat him stay overtime and him fi cuum offa stage.

Dem say di man get so angry dat him SPIT pon di stage before him leave. What a nasty crowbait! Smaddy couldn't call police fi arrest him and charge him fi sinting...anyting at all....public disturbance, littering, gross indecency. Just charge di animal. Dem behaviour yah show say him is just a dumb animal. But then again, mi haffi beg di animal dem pardon, cause, on reflection, not even a dumb animal woulda behave like such a swine.